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about Adam

The Maestro, the absolute fearless Adam Simpson has made a massive impression throughout Melbourne, internationally and he is probably the most influential musician around. A true visionary, an original and fresh artist who is at an entirely different level and a real inspiration. Many people are finding out about him from the internet not only just for his competency in music but also his discoveries, humanitarian efforts, truths, health and fitness stories and his outstanding role modelling in morality.

"It is the artists of the world, the feelers and thinkers, who will ultimately save us, who can articulate, educate, defy, insist, sing and shout the big dreams. Only the artists can turn the not-yet into reality." - Leonard Bernstein

Born with an Australian, Malaysian Chinese and Anglo-Indian descent, Adam was born in Melbourne and began in learning the piano at nine and a half years old. He further pursued in studying music at the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music, Monash University graduating with a bachelor's and master's degree in music - classical piano performance. His releases include from the very popular video game franchise Final Fantasy 7 and his own song I Am with him singing was released in 2021 with a film clip which absolutely effected people's lives. People were actually changing their social media account names beginning with the words I Am or I'm. As a self-taught composer, Adam enjoys writing in many different styles while his other release called Just Move just makes you want to really dance! Adam is also an official artist on YouTube.

Adam's performances to name a few include the popular song The Prayer live on radio, the musical Into the Woods, police Remembrance Day, improvisation live from the audience's choice of key and even improvising to Beethoven's and Mozart's music live! Adam was also a 2nd round finalist of the World Competition and has also performed and done collaborations with pop star Mel Jade.

A very unique dancer, Adam began dancing as a very frequent participant in classes since 2012 and describes his dancing as humanly expressive as humanly possible from his classical music background. An absolute severe urge from his later high school years to take up dancing, Adam was actually a Zumba Fitness Instructor with unbelievable feedback. After his very first cover class without any assigned contracted work, participants were actually questioning him and participants have even asked him where do you normally instruct when he didn't have any assigned contracted work! He also has given a cover class at a very well-known Zumba master class venue without any assigned contracted work, experienced instructors wanted to observe his classes when he only had a few months of experience  and he has received many applauses from his cover classes when he didn't have any assigned contracted work! His favourite style is the very percussive, rolling the tongue is rrrrrrrrrrrrrr Reggaeton and he is very well-known in using massive amounts of energy, proper, proper expressions.


A very efficient teacher with over 10 years of experience, his teaching skills have culminated students successfully gaining entrance into music courses at university level, even music composition majors, his students have received outstanding results for their AMEB exams and he has even helped other instrumentalists with their music education! Adam has also had students who are only as young as 10 years old who understands all the areas in music and now can now only focus on personal self-expression. An official artist on YouTube, Adam's work consists of his performances, teachings which includes having over 20 Alfred's Series piano teaching recordings, John Thompson's, James Bastein, Progressive Keyboard and his compositions.

Current Research

Adam's research is advanced and way ahead of our time. It comprises in Perfect Pitch/Sound Recognition in conjunction with Music Composition/Musicality and is expanding on Bruce Lee's The Art of Expressing the Human Body, not in terms of martial arts but in dancing since Adam is also a very passionate dancer! Whilst in the midst of this research Adam has actually figured out how the very famous bodybuilder Zyzz achieved fame!

The Humanitarian

Besides Adam's musical side, he has done countless acts for human beings, has improved many people's lives and can actually see things that even the minority of people cannot see. These are organising his own charity fun run, supporting women in domestic human violence, giving out free dancing and workout videos from COVID-19 lockdown, raising awareness for anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder from a push-ups challenge, shared his weight loss story and has showed people 8 things of what is really happening in social media. This has improved their privacy, being aware that if a person has very high amounts of followers, subscribers or a very high view count with a physically attractive person and muscle men who take illegal performing enhancing drugs is not success, not being misled into fake businesses that have over millions of followers, reducing adult content and much more. Adam also has freed many people from overcoming their own fears, making these people brave and promoting creativity.

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